Norwood Foundry Limited is very well known for its diversity.

We produce a wide range of small, intricate castings to very large pieces to high standards of quality and specification s made of gray and ductile iron, aluminum, brass and bronze.

We have a tradition of solving unique casting challenges.

We have invested in new technologies and look forward to responding to an ever changing marketplace.






At the Garvie Bolton site at 108th Street and 103rd Avenue in Edmonton , castings were poured each day for land packer wheels, cream separator stands, cast iron post mauls, and complete valves.

In 1950, Norwood purchased the Edmonton Foundry, and operated plants at three sites. In 1952, to streamline operations, the Garvie Bolton plant was closed and was amalgamated with the operation at 10054 79th Avenue.

In 1992 the company built a new addition to the Nisku plant which merged with the older shop. This streamlining led to the closure of the original operation at 111th Avenue and 91st Street. In 1992, when Norwood Foundry closed its 70 year old facility at 91st Street and 111th Avenue in Edmonton , the event was headline news. The venerable patchwork of a building was no architectural wonder, said one local historian, but its closing represented the passing of an era. Gone was the coke-fired cupola, replaced by new computer-controlled furnaces at the company's new facility in Nisku. The non-ferrous plant on 79th Avenue remains a highly successful operation. The shop casts brass, bronze, aluminum, and copper. The largest copper casting was 900 lbs., the largest aluminum casting was 400 lbs., and the largest bronze casting poured was 200 lbs.

Norwood continues to operate its iron foundry in Nisku and the aluminum/brass plant in Edmonton. The company's average production is over 30 tons daily and our castings range in size from .5 pounds to 5000 pounds.

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