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Are you experiencing supply problems this year?

Water Pipes Available in 4", 6", 8", & 12".

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Are you experiencing supply problems this year?

Sewer Pipes Available in 4", 6", 8", & 12".

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Are you experiencing supply problems this year?

Copper Tubing Available in ¾”, & 1”.

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Are you experiencing supply problems this year?

Cub Stops Available in ¾”, 1", & 2"

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Waterworks Products

Waterworks Products

We produce surface castings, valve boxes, service boxes, fittings, and now have 30% more waterworks products in stock.

Surface Castings

Our surface casting frames are built to conform to class 40 AStM A48. Cast steel built to confirm to grade 90-60 ASTM A148 or ductile iron to conform to ASTM A536.

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Valve Boxes

We offer Nelson type, type "A" (sliding), type "B" (threaded), and type "C" (sliding) valve box with steel casing center piece. To be used with 150mm (6") PVC pipe as the bottom section.

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Tree Grates

Our full line of cast iron tree grates and fabricated steel tree guards continues to be the strongest, most cost-effective solution for protecting and complementing trees in urban environments.

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We manufacture cast iron Tyton (push-on) fittings in norminal diameters of 100mm through 600mm. Sizes 100mm to 300mm are pressure rated at 1725 kPa (250 psi), while the 350mm to 600mm are rated at 1035 kPa(150psi). Produced in accordance with ANSI A21.10-90, AWWA C110-93. Also available in ductile iron rated for 2413 kPa (350 psi) working pressure.

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Service Boxes

We offer NESB-1, NESB-2 in 40mm (1-1/2) and 50mm (2") water service for the City of Edmonton. NCSB-1 (C-100) for 20mm and 25mm services, and NCSB-2 (C-200) for 32, 40, and 50mm services. Rod, casing, and top pipe are available in varied lenghts to meet your requirements. Repair caps with set screws, and extensions in 150mm (6") increments, and accesories such as service box key with fork for removing or tightening service box cap also available.

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Trench Grates

Our R-4990 and R-4999 cast iron trench systems offer appealing aesthetics, exceptional longevity in any climate.

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More Waterworks Products


5 and 12 lb

Casing Spacers

APS and Raci
Link seals

Concrete Grade Rings

635mm (2", 3", 4", 6")
914mm (2", 3", 4")

Fernco Couplings

Plastic, CI, Clay, and Conc
4" to 12"

Frames and Covers

We carry most styles.
If we don't have it, we can make it.


6oz and 8oz Non-woven
EP315 (2006) Woven
Type 1 and 2 Geogrid and Wick Drain

Joint Restraints

Backup Rings
4" to 24"

PVC Pipes

Water - JM Eagle C900 DR 18 4" to 12"
Sewer/Storm - JM Eagle SDR35 4" to 21"

PVC Fittings

C900 and SDR35 Fittings
4" to 21"

Readi Rod

3/4" x 12' 304 SS
3/4" Nuts and Washers

Repair Clamps

8" and 12" Long

Service Boxes

Edmonton and County
Can make to spec for other areas.

Brass Cap

Ford Brass Main Stops
Curbstops, Couplings 3/4" to 2"

Service Saddles

Bronze with SS Straps

Service Tubing

Copper 3/4" to 2"
CSA 200 Poly Tubing 3/4" to 2"
Q-line 3/4" and 1"

Two Bolt Couplings

Hymax and SS 1696-2B Robar
2" to 12"


Terminal City Model 3100 Resilient
Wedge Gate Valves 4" to 12"

Valve Box Supports

Wooden A and B

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